Laminates &  Hardwood

As a flooring product category, nothing has seen the explosive growth that laminate flooring has over the last few years. The versatility and design capabilities of laminate flooring are two of the main reasons for this growth.

Because of the "floating" installation method, which means that laminate flooring doesn't need to be adhered to the subfloor below it, laminate flooring may be used in a variety of areas in the home. Much of the extensive subfloor preparation that is necessary in other flooring applications can be saved when choosing a laminate.

Plus, virtually, any design or pattern that you can imagine can be used in laminate flooring design and embedded under the top wear layer. Popular designs include all different types of hardwood "species" and extensive stone and tile looks, as well. Additionally, another main reason why you might want to consider laminate is its durability and ease of maintenance.

For many, especially those with active young families, laminate flooring is the perfect choice for achieving the look of hardwood without the scratching and denting problems that go along it.


For warmth and charm nothing surpasses the beauty of Hardwood flooring. Exotic hardwoods such as mahogany, teak and Brazilian cherry add a look of elegance and sophistication. While oak, maple and hickory promote a more traditional look. There are many ‘green’ options available, such as cork and bamboo which are both durable and beautiful.

All American Discount Carpet
has a large selection of Laminate and Hardwood samples so you can actually see and feel the product(s) being considered and a specialist to explain in detail every product we sell. The location of your proposed flooring and the type of subfloor determine your choice between a solid or an engineered product. We can assist you with install information or install your flooring for your. Regardless, All American Discount Carpet is here to assist you throughout your project.

The quality and beauty of Hardwood continues to be a very popular flooring choice for today's homeowner in America. Nothing can really replicate the beauty and warmth of hardwood as a flooring choice. New hardwood installed 10 years ago was mostly from the oak family. Modern harvesting and manufacturing has brought much more of the exotic species and other hardwoods, like cherry, maple and ash to the fore and made them more and more popular with today's consumers.