When building a new home or remodeling, tile is a very popular choice for today's consumer. Lately where consumers are opting to put tile in areas where currently there may have been vinyl or hardwood. Kitchen makeovers as well as Master Bathrooms are particularly popular. Consumers are tearing out old fiberglass tub surrounds and replacing it with beautiful, gleaming new tile more and more every day. At All American Discount Carpet we can provide you with not only quality tile at discount prices we can install anything you purchase from us with guaranteed satisfaction.

It is vital, especially when doing a remodel of an existing area to speak with an expert at All American Discount Carpet to assist in determining the proper installation method that will be required and how the existing flooring should be removed. Our experts will be able to accurately estimate all of the "pieces and parts" that are involved in a tile installation. "Do-It-Yourselfers" often forget to take into consideration things like trim and edge finish pieces, decorative lostellos, dots and dye lot variations. That's where experts at All American Discount Carpet come in. Our trained staff will help you bridge the gap that starts with just "a tile you like" to the finished realization of your dream.
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All American Discount Carpet has numerous varieties available, your search will end for the perfect granite that matches your kitchen, appliances, or bathroom. Your quest for just that right pattern or color will be satisfied now that you've shopped at All American Discount Carpet. We have specialists who can answer your questions and work within your budget and remember we install all products we sell. Call today and set up an appointment. (509) 823-1060 Check out our Gallery Page to see before and after pictures.