Carpet Flooring

Bring warmth and personality to your rooms, with beautiful carpet.

At All American Discount Flooring we offer our customers superb choices in color and design using carpet manufacturers and suppliers known throughout the industry for quality.

From the moment you walk in the door, you will notice a significant difference in selection, pricing and sales associates. These have made us the top flooring dealer in the Yakima Valley.

Residential and Commercial Carpet offers you more warmth, softness and is much quieter than any other floor covering. Many homeowners certainly have chosen wall to wall carpet for their living rooms, family rooms and especially bedrooms. In fact, carpet remains the most popular flooring option for a variety of reasons. After all, it’s relatively inexpensive, cozy, generally easier to install and replace than other floor coverings, and offers more fashion options. Carpet has more colors and textures than any other floor covering option on the market.

We also offer carpet remnants for those who are looking for even greater values, or who have a small carpeting project.  Be sure to to visit our showroom to browse through our wide-selection and take advantage of our special pricing.

Below are a few samples from some of the Manufacturers we carry.

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Area Rugs

With the ever increasing use of hard surface floorings like tile, laminate, and hardwood, people often seek ways to soften and warm their living spaces. Using area rugs in these spaces, is a perfect way to achieve this.

All American Discount Flooring carries a large selection of machine-made area rugs. We prefer to offer machine-made area rugs over hand made rugs, because of their value. Due to recent advancements in manufacturing, machine-made area rugs are typically more affordable, have better quality and consistency, and are longer lasting than hand made rugs. Additionally, the design and color capabilities inherent in machine-made manufacturing make these area rugs an excellent choice for any decorating scheme.

Whether traditional, contemporary, abstract or whimsical, All American Discount Flooring has an area rug in stock to match your style.  Stop in today and browse through our vast selection of sizes, styles and price points and choose something that will turn every room in to a space you love.

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